Hair Cuts

Great Haircut vs. a Good Haircut


We’ve all had a “good” hair cut… But when is the last time you had a GREAT haircut?

The type of hair cut that makes you WANT to wash and style your own hair..

The type of cut, you find yourself making excuses to show off to all your friends… ???

Now, THAT is a great hair cut…


At Ailish & Aston Salon and Spa in Waltham, our trained stylists understand a great hair cut is achieved by...


>  Consistency in the stylist cutting your hair… One that remembers how you like to have your hair cut and styled as well as understanding the look that you might be trying to achieve.  We believe inconsistency breeds mistakes.

>  Creating a team process between the stylist and the client. 

>  Understanding any hair flaws including cowlicks, balding areas, and uneven hair texture. 

>  Complementing a client’s facial structure, hair type, lifestyle, AND overall personality. 

>  Leaving you with beautiful and healthy hair that will last 6-8 weeks until the next cut. 


Let Ailish & Aston Salon and Spa in Waltham give you your next GREAT haircut… you will never settle for “good” again!!!

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