Imagine... perfectly shaped eyebrows, underarms free of hair for weeks, smooth and stubble-free legs…


And let's not forget that sexy feeling of being ready for anything because you just had a Brazilian bikini wax.


And for you guys... the confidence you have knowing you can take off your shirt ANYTIME, ANYPLACE.


It’s time to show off all that hard work in the gym… And those 6-pack abs… Don’t hide them.. Flaunt them!!!


Waxing at Ailish & Aston Salon and Spa in Waltham, MA is…

·        Quick with immediate results

·        Easy to maintain with soft and fine re-growth

·        Low in cost and high in client satisfaction


We offer private room for all our waxing services.  Our stylists are extensively trained using the best products and best techniques, all in a quiet, clean and sanitary environment. 


Our trained estheticians at Ailish & Aston Salon and Spa in Waltham, MA will give you the baby-soft skin and the hair free look you have always desired…



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Eyebrow Wax
Eyebrow Tweezing Design
Chin $16
Lip $13
Lip & Brow
Facial $16
Under Arm $22
Half Arm $25
Full Arm $35
Bikini $30-$45
Brazilian $50-$65
Back $50-$75
Body Spot
Lower Leg $35-$45
Upper Leg and Bikini $75-$85
Full Leg and Bikini $85-$100
Full Leg and Brazilian





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